Tuesday, January 22, 2013


Since Mom decided to move to a retirement home, the bedroom that we had built for her was calling my name.  Moving my craft room from the basement to the
main floor of our home was to say the least, extremely arduous ... 
but so worth it.
Now I am crafting above the ground and LOVING IT!

Spending time on Pinterest is very addicting but I have been so inspired
by the many incredible ideas that I find there.  The next card is one of those ideas.

It is a zig zag fold card
and the instructions can be found here:  

Modesty aside ... you know when you complete a project and you
just feel so good when you look at it?  Well, that's how I
feel about this card.  My dear friend Jenny is celebrating her
80th birthday next week and we are taking her out for dinner.  
This will be her birthday card.

I ♥ SNOOPY.  And have ever since I was a little girl.  
I have made it a mandate to haul out some of my old and never been inked stamps
and create with them.  In a drawer marked "Snoopy", I have several 
stamps paying homage to him and here is a little card that I 
made with one of them.

And I would like to share an idea with you for my new
method of housing my punches.

I have several edge punches that cannot be stacked or
otherwise stored in an organized way, so I came up with this idea.

These Bygel rails can be purchased at Ikea and I hung them
on the inside of my closet door in my craft craft room.
I drilled a small hole in each punch, where a hook could be placed and the
punch subsequently hung on the rail.  Then I punched a sample of each 
punch and have them hanging with the punches on the door.

Well that's it for now.  
And thank you CURT for lighting a fire under me
to post on my blog again.

Thanks for stopping by.