Sunday, July 17, 2011


It is with tear-filled eyes and a very heavy heart that I struggle to write this entry for my blog.

GADGET, my sweet little boy schnauzer and my first schnauzer love, passed away on Wednesday night.

There is almost a strange sense of calm that I feel right now. Even though I was NEVER ever going to be ready to say good bye to Gadget, he has had no quality of life for over a month now and it has been so very difficult to watch his decline and knowing there was absolutely nothing more I could do for him than keep him comfortable and love him with all that I had.

He fought with all he had in his weakening little body but it was finally his time to go.  He went peacefully in his sleep, in his own little bed next to mine, in our home.  He was with those who loved him, both human and canine.

Gadget filled my life with so many wonderful memories that I am so grateful for.  I know that I was blessed to have shared his little life with him, even though it was not for long enough.  His passing has left me with such an emptiness and while with time that will pass, I will never ever forget him and special moments in time that he shared with our family.

Life will carry on.  But it will never be the same without Gadget here to share it with.  He truly was a devoted friend who loved me unconditionally.

Until we meet again, my sweet little puppy ...

                               ... sending you puppy hugs in heaven.