Thursday, August 22, 2013


... and this is the reason ...

Allow me to introduce
(aka BUGS).

Bugsy is 6 months old and he has managed in a very short time, 
to fill the void in my heart that was left when Lily departed.
I still miss Lily terribly but now I am able to look at her photos,
cherish the memories we had together
and remember her with love, not sadness.

Make no mistake by his innocent little face, Bugsy is a little
four-legged "toot"!  I've never had a puppy this young
so it has been and continues to be quite a challenge for me.
But it is soooo worth every minute of it.

And best of all,
Bugsy and Abbey are BFF's.
She has been so patient with him and wherever one goes, so does the other.
She was showing signs of missing Lily and I think that
Bugsy is helping her too.

Our home is alive again and not an hour goes by
when I am not in stitches laughing at the
crazy antics of our Bugsy Butt.

Thanks for stopping by.