Tuesday, September 11, 2012


File:911 Tribute (perspective fixed).jpg

(9-11-11 TRIBUTE)

I am sure that each of us can vividly recall
where we were and what we were doing
on September 11, eleven years ago this morning.
We all watched in horror as the events began to unfold
and the photos began to emerge.

This horrific attack, the lives that were lost and 
those who will never be the same, 
will never be forgotten.

My thoughts are with my American Friends.

♥ Bonnie ♥


Gail said...

Mine were too.

Lee said...

Will never forget it.xx

Kat said...

That was truly an awful day, I wish we would keep figilent. Happy Fall Take care hugs

Curt in Carmel said...

Thanks for this post Bonnie. . .that was so thoughtful of you. Hugs, Curt

Patti J said...

Hi Bonnie - so appreciate your post. It's the end of October, and I'm wondering if you are okay. Worried about you, dear friend! Hugs...

Curt in Carmel said...

OK, hope you are doing well. . .no posts in like FOREVER!!!! Just stopping by to check in on you to see what is going on with you! Hugs, Curt

Teresa said...

I will never forget this day either Bonnie it was awful.
I just popped by to see how you are, have not seen you blogging for a long time, hope you are well dear friend. Teresa xx

Curt in Indy said...

OK Girly Girl! I know you've been busy with stuff, but I'm waiting to see some of your creative eye candy! Such a slacker! LOL Hugs to you and all. . .Curt