Friday, January 17, 2014


Bugsy is almost a year old now and is pretty
much full grown.  So his little ball caps that I made for him
last Summer, no longer fit him.

I am a stickler for protecting his eyes from the sun
just as I do my own, especially when we are on our boat.
I knew that if I waited until the Spring, I probably would not
get new caps made for him in time
for boating season.

Whenever I see fabric that I like, I buy a chunk and
tuck it away for 'something'.  In this case, the something
was new caps and matching bandannas for
my little man.

He has also outgrown his life vest so that will be the next
thing on his wardrobe shopping list.

Thanks for stopping by.



Myrna said...

His blue cap brings out the blue in his eyes. :)
Adorable outfits and he looks so darn sweet.

Gail said...

WOW is he ever stylin!
Great job!
And what a wonderful model!

Lee said...

Oh soooo cute,what a handsome boy he is and he knows it.You are sooo clever,loving the hats and bandanas.Hugs xxx

Teresa said...

Aww bless him he looks lovely, you are clever Bonnie making those caps for him. xx

Leslie Miller said...

Oh, my gosh, that's so cute! Wally and LuLu would never go for this. They get so hot with their heavy coats. Can't keep them out of the water, either!

Marie Gamber said...

OmG! Talk about adorable! You are so talented! Love it! :D I used to have a muscle shirt that one of my poodles I had loved! He thought he was hot stuff when he had it one! LOL
Your's is super cute!

Hugs, Maire

Janine said...

So cute!!!

nitestamper said...

they are just toooooo CUTE!!!
love the outfits