Wednesday, March 21, 2012


A parcel arrived for me the other day and it was post-marked 
from my friend LEE (
in the United Kingdom. 
 I was not expecting anything so I was 
anxious to see exactly what it was.

Well, this is what it was....

First of all, 
Lee made me one of her famous
House Mouse cards.  It is like a
breath of Spring air.

These adorable PINK fabric 
baskets were flat and just needed
to be tied at the corners
with the ribbons to assemble them.

And finally, this incredible little
hand-painted canvas.  It's uncanny just
how much it looks like
my LILY.

The details are incredible.
This artist is very, very talented.

It's hard to express in words, especially from so far away, just how touched
I am to have received these gifts from you, Lee.  It is my dream
to one day be able to meet you and thank you in person.

But until then,
BIG BIG HUGS to you, my sweet friend, LEE.


And thank you to everyone for stopping by,



Christy Q said...

Bonnie- what treasures from your friend, Lee! Love them all, especially the canvas. Sweet friends are the best, aren't they?

Myrna said...

Such a wonderful friend. Your package will bring delight to you for many days to come. Isn't she talented?

Gail said...

Beautiful card!
Beautiful PINK baskets!
And, awesome canvas!
Isn't Happy Mail always...well HAPPY!

Lee said...

You are so very welcome,i am so happy that you love the lil pic.My friend Fran will be over the moon that you love her painting,she is so modest with her wonderful talent.Did i put Happy Birthday in the card,can't remember because these are for your Birthday.Huggles n Cuddles to all.xxxxx

Leslie Miller said...

Thank you for sharing this selfless act of kindness with us, Bonnie. It's so nice to see something like this. The baskets are so pretty for Easter or spring, and the Lily likeness is adorable. I bet you'll treasure these gifts always.

Beate said...

What a wonderful surprise! Lee is so talented and a sweet friend.
Hugs and smiles

Marie Gamber said...

Wow! How special is that! The card is adorable, The drawn is outstanding!
Take care, my friend!