Sunday, February 13, 2011


Our oldest girl schnauzer, DITTO, absolutely lives for my husband.  She is restless all day until he gets home from work.  She follows him around the house, everywhere he goes and since she can't jump up anymore, she will sit on floor by his feet, until he realizes that she is not sitting beside him on the sofa.  When he had his heart attacks, Ditto never left his side and she was an integral part of his healing.  They are as close as a puppy and human can get.  So, in honour of Valentine's Day tomorrow, I made this little card for Ditto to give to the love of her life.  She was not terribly impressed about having her paw inked up for her paw print inside the card, but was very happy with being rewarded one of her favourite cookies for her patience.  We refer to my husband as "PETERMAN" when it comes to our puppies.

This is one of my favourite photos of Ditto with her Peterman.

We are so blessed to share our lives with our puppies and I can't imagine life without a puppy in it.

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Larissa said...

So very cute! Love your card! The border around the image is so pretty. Love the dog's pawprint on the inside of the card. So cute! Thanks for joining us at the Tiddly Inks challenge this week.


Anne Marie said...

Bonnie, this is adorable and so is sweet Ditto! you can completely see how much she adores your hubby in that photo, too. I'm sure he is going to love that card from her. Perfect touch with he pawprint...that made me smile! :) It's awesome how much love those little 4-legged family members share, isn't it?

Gail said...

That's great!
Love the paw print!
Glad you gave her a cookie for helping out!

doverdi said...

Too cute! I am sure that "Peterman" will love his card from his favorite girl or is she his second favorite girl. Hmmm...competition! lol

Lee said...

Oh Bonnie that pic brought tears to my eyes,sooo lovely.The card is fantastic just right.xx

Curt in Carmel said...

I'm with Lee above. . .tears in my eyes too. I have to share this with you because this post is perfect for this story. My "boys" sleep with me, and about 5:00 this morning, I briefly awoke, saw what time it was, and thought, no way I'm getting up. But I didn't want to even give them a hint that I was awake because they'd be up. I could see out of the corner of my eye that Shotsy was looking at me. So I made pretend snoring sounds to indicate I was asleep. He leaned his head over to my cheek, gave me a tiny little kiss, softly laid his chin on my forehead briefly, then laid his head back down to go back to sleep. It was as if he was watching me sleep and was saying "I sure love my Daddy." It was one of the most awesome moments I've ever had with Shotsy. Anyway, your card is so perfect for "Peterman". Your coloring just blows me away. Best, Curt

mforquer said...

Bonnie - LOVE this card - great use of that sweet Tiddly Image!

Christy/Tiddly Inks Digitals said...

Sooo cute! I love how you made him match your puppy. :) Yay!:)