Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Not only do I love PINK, but deep down inside, I have always been a girly girl.  I have always and still do to this day, love ruffles, things that sparkle, pastel colors, wearing dresses and any kind of jewelry.  When I saw this video on Utube, I immediately went out to get the supplies that I needed to try to make them.  I'm pretty happy with how they turned out.  I've never been one to shy away from something that may not be 'trendy' so whether wearing flowers is "in" or not, I know I am still going to enjoy wearing my flowers.

The aqua and black flower has just been set on a white background so you can see the black.

I attached a simple pin to the back to be able to wear the flower on any piece of clothing.

I did burn myself a couple of times but it was well worth it in order to learn how to create these pretties.  If you decide to try them, make sure you heed the advice of Bethany about keeping the water bowl close by ... I won't go into any details but suffice it to say, I certainly was glad to have taken her advice seriously!

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Gail said...

Those are gorgeous!
I checked out the tutorial (parts 1 & 2), I am at work after all!
I'll check the third part out later!
Thanks for sharing!

Patti J said...

How pretty! Okay, I'm sold... off to watch the video! Thanks for sharing!

Teresa said...

These are stunning Bonnie, you are clever, love that pink one...they are all gorgeous though. xx

Marie Gamber said...

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It's nice to be able to let people know how much I like their blog. I think yours is one of my fav and I learn from viewing you posts!
Thank you!
Hugs and Smiles,

Beate said...

Gorgeous flowers, Bonnie.

Lee said...

Love these flowers sooo pretty.xx

Jackie said...

Your flowers are beautiful! I do have a question - not related to the flowers - how did you get that awesome font on your blog?