Saturday, March 26, 2011


Michael Flatley's LORD OF THE DANCE is a highly acclaimed show of Celtic dance and music.  My friend Cathy and I went to see a live performance of it in Hamilton last night and I must say that I was rather disappointed.  I had seen this performance a couple of years ago and was blown away by it but last night ... not so much.  The men are supposed to look like men - not BOYS - and should NOT look like they are still in high school and probably not even shaving yet.  And the girls who perform Celtic dance should not be BLEACH BLONDES WITH HAIR EXTENSIONS!  All in all, the director needs to take a better look at this dance troupe and make some much needed changes.  They even seemed to have put a modern twist to this performance and I for one, do not think that classic Celtic music and dance should be tampered with at all.  Sure wish I could see a European troupe perform this classic show, the way it was meant to be done.  BTW, if you like Celtic music and dance, be sure to check this one out on DVD ... but make sure it's the original, starring Michael Flatley.

Having written that review, the night was not a total bust because I got to spend the evening with a good friend and that, as they say, is PRICELESS.

The door bell just rang and what a surprise ... it was my dear friend Cathy, stopping by
to deliver a beautiful birthday card and a special gift of the SU BLISS set.  I had a chance to get this set but decided I didn't want it.  Since then, I have seen dozens of projects using it and wished I HAD ordered it.  So, typical of Cathy, she surprised me with
it and now we have a reason to get together, to create with it (not that we ever need a reason to get together!).

This beautiful card is even more special because she made it in PINK, just for me.  Isn't that glittery butterfly just gorgeous?!  So, thanks so very much, dear Cathy.

Thanks for stopping by.



Teresa said...

Hello Bonnie, Fabulous card, love how you've made the butterfly, the whole card is gorgeous.
Sorry to hear you were dissapointed at the show, I've never seen it live but watched the Michael Flatley dvd some time ago now, it is a shame they've spoilt it, by the sounds of it I'd be very dissapointed too. xx

Anne Marie said...

Awww, that is horrible about the show. From your review, I probably would have been disappointed, too. Why mess with a good thing, I say? :( On the bright side, it sounds like you had great company. What a gorgeous card and such a thoughtful gift. That is one of my favoite sets from SAB. :)

Beate said...

Happy belated birthday!!! What a beautiful birthday card from your friend.
Hugs and smiles

Lee said...

the card is Beautiful can understand why you love it.Pity about the show.xx

Curt in Carmel said...

You would make an awesome critic! I actually laughed at your review. "Bleached blonds" LOL I would have been disappointed too. Sorry it wasn't up to snuff! Best, Curt