Sunday, April 3, 2011


Well, there are and I just found one of mine today.  Here name is Allison ... Allison Fillo of "Stampin' When I Can" notoriety.  Most of my blogging friends will already know Allison but here is the link to her blog.  In my infinite wisdom, I decided to change my blogging template this morning.  In the process, I managed to mess things up beyond any repair that I could make.  I literally worked for over 6 hours trying to fix the mess that I created and had all but given up.  Allison happened to email me because she could not post a comment to my blog and subsequently, I explained my trouble to her.  Within MINUTES, she fixed my blog issues and now I'm good to go again.  THANKS SO MUCH ALLISON ... you are now my Blogging Angel (whether you like it or not!)

Moral of the story ... don't try to fix something if it's not broken!

Today's card is for some new neighbours that just moved in on Friday.  My hubby and I are going to take it over a bit later along with a bottle of sparkling raspberry cider, to welcome them to the neighbourhood.

I haven't used my flower soft for a while and thought it would be perfect for this image.

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Allison said...

Gorgeous! I have an IRAK of this one and now the motivation to color it! And you are sweet for the shout-out...I just have these little kernels of knowledge that can save tons of time (and only learned after my own frustrations too!).

Teresa said...

This is a gorgeous card Bonnie, what a beautiful card, I bet your new neighbours will love it, they won't need the raspberry cider though you can forward that on to me lol, sounds lovely.
I believe in angels too and their are many 'fix it' angels around thank goodness otherwise my blog would be in a right mess! Hope you are having a good weekend. Hugs Teresa xx

mforquer said...

Bonnie - LOVE this card - the colors are fantastic and I'm so glad that you got your blogging issues fixed! Thanks to Allison too - I love your blog!

Patti J said...

So glad that Allison rescued you! Don't you just love our big happy blogging family??? I do! Great card, my friend! Your new neighbors will love it...hugs!

Beate said...

Allison is a blogging angel indeed. She helped me when I started blogging and didn't know squat. She is such a wonderful person.
Your card looks wonderful. Love your use of flower soft. I always forget that. Your new blogging template looks great.

Hugs and smiles

Lee said...

Oh Bonnie what a Fantastic card,they will love it.My favourite fruit is Raspberry,that cider sounds sooo delicious.xx

Anne Marie said...

I have never been more inspired to use Flower Soft, ever! This image is so perfect for it and I love all of the gorgeous detail it adds. Wow! What a sweet story about Allison helping you rescue your blog. There are so many wonderful people out there in blogland, aren't there? That's awesome! :)