Thursday, October 10, 2013


My little dude needed a bed of his own
(or so I thought), so I decided to
try my hand at making one for him.

Pinterest has become another addiction of mine and
I have been seeing these dog beds made by
recycling old end tables.

So, I searched for quite a while at yard sales
and finally found one that fit the bill.

Here it is in it's original form.

I flipped it over; cut the shelf out;
cut two of the legs down; added 3 pieces
of 1"x4" and finally, added 4 fence
post caps to the bottom as feet.

The finials are end caps for
curtain rods.  I also added two 1" x 2" 
pieces to the back as a headboard.

Next, I spray painted everything black.

Then I made a quick pillow case for the
pillow and placed it in the bottom of
the bed as a mattress.

And to make it a Bugsy Original, 
I painted a wooden crown to match the
pillow cover.  Small wood alphas were attached
to spell BUGSY and some rhinestones were
added for effect.

Now, there is only one issue ...
... Bugsy wants NO PART of sleeping in it !!!
He sat long enough for me to snap this
photo but that's as much as he has used it.


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Patti J said...

Lol...what a cutie! Maybe he will get used to it! You are amazing to make this all by yourself...great job!

doverdi said...

Great job Bonnie. The bed is just too too cute & looks great. The crown is just the perfect finishing touch. Hopefully he'll decide to sleep in it as its a shame he doesn't realize how much hard work his fur mommy put into it.

Teresa said...

Oh my you are clever, Bonnie, it looks great, I hope Bugsy gets used to his new bed, it certainly looks comfy.
Hugs Teresa x

Curt in Indy said...

OK, not only am I amazed by your talent in furniture reconstruction, but that last photo is a heart melter. I just can't get over how cool this turned out! He'll get use to it and make it his own. . .you watch and see. . .Hugs to him and you! Curt

Gail said...

Hahahaha, where was I that I missed this post!
Good job on the dog bed.
Is he using it yet?

donna sherman said...

Just found this post! Better late than never! :) This is really cute!!! I love it! My sisters Yorkie would love one like this! You did an EXCELLENT job, and Bugsy looks soooooo cute in it!!!