Wednesday, February 16, 2011


My "Molly & McGee, The World's Most Famous Barn Owls" hard cover table book arrived in my mail box today.  For those of you, who like me, watched for hours as the eggs hatched, the owlets grew and and eventually fledged, you can appreciate my excitement.  This unique experience was made possible by Carlos Royal, who installed a tiny night vision camera inside the owl box and daytime cameras outside of the owl box.  The book contains one hundred of Carlos' favourite photos and is written in chapters beginning with the first day that Carlos heard scratching noises inside the box to the final day, when the owlets fledged and the owl box was empty once again.  

Here a couple of photos that I was able to snap online during the course of the Owl Box live feed.

 This very unique experience was a very real account of the 'circle of life' and left me with many fond memories.  I am so happy to have this book as a reminder of these memories.
Nature is truly amazing.

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Lee said...

Oh,how absolutely wonderful,we love owls.Beautiful and amazing creatures.xx

Anne Marie said...

Wow! Those photos are awesome! Especially the first one...Oh my goodness! What beautiful creatures they are! :)