Sunday, October 2, 2011


Abby needed a new FOREVER home and she has found it with us.  She is a 2 yr old female brindle Boxer dog and she is full of beans!  (And no Curt, I have not changed my schnauzer love ... just added to it with another breed).  Having had mini schnauzers for years, we had forgotten how different life with a large breed dog can be. Case in point ... don't leave any food near the edge of a kitchen counter ... don't stress about your hardwood floors ... budget for a much larger monthly dog food allowance ... keep the toilet lids shut ... keep your central vac hose handy for dog hair on the floor ... have a cloth ready at all times for 'goober' on the walls and lastly, treasure the new-found love and devotion you will unconditionally get from your new friend.

 Abby is such a pretty girl and has adjusted to her new home and family so well in such a short time.

She loves the freedom of running in our backyard and can be seen here, stalking a
bug on the other side of the fence.

And when she has had enough action, she loves to crash on my hubby's feet.

I have been trying to get a photo of Abby with Lily but no luck ... Lily is not at all impressed with the new girl (although she does like to hoover up the kibbles that Abby
leaves behind around her food bowl!).

We feel so blessed that she came into our lives and we hope that she
will be with us for a very long time.

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Lee said...

Oh Bonnie she sure is pretty.Hope Lily will love her in time.Hugs xxx

Heide said...

She is so cute! Congrats on the new family member.

Anne Marie said...

Aww, Bonnie! Congrats on your new addition! Look at that sweet face on Ms. Abby. She's beautiful! :)

Christy Q said...

Hi Bonnie - thanks for the e-mail with your blog address. Abigail is beautiful and she sure looks happy in her new forever home! Look forward to seeing a picture of her with Lily! And you are absolutely right, Lily and Lexi do look very much alike.

Curt in Carmel said...

Laughing out loud over the "hoover" comment. I can see it happening in my minds eye. Too cute to picture. She is so so beautiful. I'm so glad you have her, and let me say, she is ONE LUCKY DOG to have you guys for parents. I couldn't be happier for you. Hugs to you, Peter, those sweet little ones, and of course, Abby! Hugs, Curt